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Meet Jeffrey T. Jones, ESQ.


Jeffrey is an experienced Entertainment Industry attorney with twenty five plus years of experience in the fields of Entertainment Law, Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Literary Publishing, Copyrights and Trademarks. Jeffrey’s clients have been responsible for the sale of tens of millions of records, gold and platinum records, grammy winners, grammy nominations, multinational tours, multinational music licenses and music legislation.


After graduating from Page High School in Greensboro, North Carolina, Jeffrey attended Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois. In 1989, Jeffrey graduated from Northwestern University and moved to New Jersey to work at The Pro-Ed Group, Inc., a sports marketing and promotion’s company. Jeffrey was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, developing accounts, managing the New York Giants Players Fan Club, editing the Giants Player newsletter and acting as a player liaison and marketing representative for professional football players in the NFL.  In 1992, Jeffrey enrolled in law school at Rutgers School of Law in Camden, New Jersey.  He also studied international business transactions and intellectual property law at the National University of Singapore and briefly worked in the intellectual property practice for the international law firm of Tilleke & Gibbons in Bangkok, Thailand.   


After Law School Jeffrey interned at the New York City Entertainment Law Firm of Jacobson and Colfin.  He then worked with prominent entertainment attorney and Seton Hall Law School, Entertainment Law Professor, Carl Guthrie, Esq., who represented many of the notable R & B and Hip Hop acts of the day.  After gaining valuable experience in the day to day practice of entertainment law, Jeffrey continued in the private practice of music and entertainment law. After the birth of his first child and the second soon to be born, Jeffrey moved back to his hometown of Greensboro N.C. for the family support system. He became a Partner at Gray Legal Group, LLP, where he lead the entertainment and intellectual property practice of the firm.  Jeffrey recently established his own law firm concentrating in Entertainment Law, Estate Administration and Estate Planning.

The modern music and entertainment industry has experienced disruptive change from new technologies and business models. Jeffrey has experience in all traditional forms of entertainment agreements and deal structures, as well as the new non-traditional relationships being established daily.


The entertainment industry is so competitive and so demanding that the only way to have an opportunity to succeed is to have a stellar team of experienced professionals. Jeffrey has embraced this team approach and it has proved to be his strength in developing and maintaining a loyal clientele. The result has been the ability to maintain the closest possible long-term relationship with a relatively small group of clients and to deliver unparalleled service as part of a stellar team of professional advisors and deal makers.


Jeffrey’s passion for excellence, astute attention to developing and maintaining relationships, being battle tested at the highest level of the entertainment industry and his spiritual faith, make him a valuable advisor and advocate for his clients.

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